What does it take to launch a successful CrowdFunding Campaign?

The honest answer is a team. Without a team it can be frustrating and difficult specially if you have never launched a CrowdFunding Campaign on Kickstarter, RocketHub, or Indiegogo.

CrowdFunding Navigators is a subset of CrowdFunding Planning. Through a network of mentors, coaches, and consultants we assist you with any questions you may have.

Our team helps you plan and execute your CrowdFunding Campaign. Although we can not guarantee your success we can assist you to better prepare your campaign for a higher chance of reaching your funding goal.

Problems that we solve

How can I get more backers? How can I get a news source to post about my campaign? How can I get free promotion for my campaign?
How can I grow my social media following for my campaign? I need help on my Kickstarter, Rockethub, or Indiegogo campaign How can I reach the right backers and influencers?